4 Good Examples of Website Branding

Website branding also referred to as internet branding, is a marketing strategy used by brand managers to position the brand via the global web and social media in the market.

Did you ever come across a website and got fascinated with its design and the great user-experience it offers? If yes, let me tell you, that’s what we call excellent website branding. However, the majority thinks that having a phenomenal website is all about dumping in millions of dollars just to polish your digital appearance. But the reality is not so.

Having great website branding in place is all for your brand calls for nothing except for just some research under the cover. This implies that digging out what other brands have been previously doing to stand out in the market. Later on, you can take advantage to improve yours.

Website branding

Branding, being a characteristic of your brand’s online personality, it sets your brand’s voice and unique aspects to generate great customer experience. Being all about the website design, it refers to the overall look, including aesthetics and feel.

However, overall great branding is all about knowing what your brand is about, who is your customer, and how can your brand solve customer’s problems?

Following is a list of some brands that had previously done exceptionally well for their website branding, from which you can gain an advantage.


Clean and direct without stuffing!

PayPal now has many competitors, such as Venmo and Zelle, to the ability to pay via Apple Pay and Facebook. However, many of these sites focus on the social aspect of paying for things that PayPal does not. PayPal, on the other hand, is thin and easy to use.

This is a simple experience that saves much time. It keeps you going in, making money from any store, or sending money to anyone around. In PayPal, there is no additional fluffing that gives the user a simple and direct experience. Additionally, it speaks out for itself to be safe and reliable.


Focused on client pain points!

Qualio’s website branding focuses on solving the problems of prospective customers instead of bragging about their own brand and sales. Doing so can push your target audience away because at first, customers don’t really care about what you are offering as they peek out to see the solution for their problem.

Qualio acts as a trusted brand with extensive experience, rather than trying to sell the platform.


Detailed use cases for each sector

I got the first experience on how this platform can help organize a project and control events. And their website also proves this with tons of incredibly useful content, such as tons of use cases for each sector and department that will benefit from Monday’s use.

Despite its ads on YouTube, using monday.com at first reveals how efficient this tool is to organize projects and to control events. The website displays clear cut information for each industry that can gain benefit from the use.

Monday.com is the only site that provides content explaining how the agency can use its platform compared to the sales or human resources departments. And the offers are really good, which encourages customers to benefit from the platform.


Nike has an unusual UX with news and images that convey two things:

  • It’s a trendy brand.
  • It’s here to make your stand fashionable and trendy.

Nike clients are people with one goal: to feel good and fashionable. They try to do this by putting on sneakers, whether they look more fashionable or fashionable when playing sports. This is a condition of status symbol, and Nike understands this, so its website uses bold content, exciting videos, and images.

Last thought

Overall, website branding is all about standing in your customers’ shoes to figure out; what they want? Why did they want? And why they won’t buy from you? Doing so will give you a better understanding of how to design your website.

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