8 Common Mistakes In Website Design

The contemporary world has added unintentional pressure to businesses as consumer awareness has progressed incredibly. Just like any other tangible product, the law of ‘Love at First Sight’ applies to a website too, as that encourages undivided attention and engagement. A promising web page should be able to make you fall in love with its smooth navigation, outlook, layout, fonts and colors, structure, categorization, and overall enticing appearance.

A couple of pivotal elements for a successful website are the understanding of human vision and the knowledge of visual perception to achieve an aesthetically pleasing web page that is effective, efficient, and user-friendly.

Let’s be fair, to succeed in this competitive, tech-savvy era, modern web businesses are mandatory to be up-to-date, informative, responsive, and adaptive simultaneously for better customer reach. Furthermore, with perfection, there comes flaws as well. This blog will discuss 8 most common web design mistakes that could save websites from uninvited downfall and loss of business.

1. Design

You ONLY get ten seconds to leave an impression on the audience, and there can be many wrong things ruining your chance. Disorganized and scattered pages can confuse the audience with too much going on and lead to disinterest. Similarly, too little can also be unsatisfying and bleak as the audience needs relevant information without having to play the guessing game in their minds; don’t leave your brand identity to their perception.

2. Unclear Brand Message

Communication is the key!

It is your job to make your brand message stand out. There’s nothing more tedious than having to scroll through a website to find out what the brand is really about. Your persona must be strong and crisp enough to lure your target audience without much effort.

3. Weak Marketing

There are over a billion websites where publishing yours can be a tough call if you are not marketing it enough. Your brand needs to be detectable and searchable. Your content is the key to making and breaking your position on the web; the content generates needed traffic. Hence, it is best to invest in marketing, search engine optimization, and BE VISIBLE!

4. Navigation And Responsiveness

The fast-moving world of today has injected laziness into users, which makes them very impatient when it comes to the loading of a website, navigation time, and responsiveness to their clicks. Any information that is passed on to them in that small window of attention span is boosting your business.

5. Terrible Call To Action (CTA)

Make what you want the user to do CLEAR and OBVIOUS. Guide the web visitor towards the need of your brand. Add informative and intriguing clickable buttons to enhance customer engagement like Subscribe, Call us for information, Click Here for More, and alike to promote exploration. Make your CTA concise and prompt!

6. Irrelevant Advertisements

Adding too many advertisements and images in your content is the inappropriate use of space. Your website shouldn’t be a pain for the eyes. Instead, it should keep the user engaged. Avoid any use of unrelated advertisements that can lead to displeasure and loss of potential business.

7. Mobile Unfriendly

Let’s state the fact: Mobile Phones are the most used gadgets! Any website that isn’t mobile-friendly isn’t going to survive. Your web page should be able to adapt to different surfaces and displays to encourage maximum screen time.

8. Missing Contact Information

Another widespread mistake made by web pages is the missing “contact information” page. A personalized conversation many times, lead to exceeding customer expectation and purchase. Adding interactive ‘” Contact Us” to your websites ensure consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty.


Running a website in the advanced world of 2020 imposes a responsibility to make it best for better audience reach. However, as to make yours attention grabbing, avoid having above-listed mistakes, and you will be good to go!

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