Advantages of Adding a Lead Generation Form To Your Website

Lead Generation Landing Page

What is Lead Generation?

In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. A website is a great tool to get inquiries for your product or service. You can place a form on your website that collects the visitor’s information and then emails you the information when the visitor submits the form. This in turn creates a possible sales lead.

What do lead generation forms look like?

Lead generation forms can ask for many kinds of data. It is recommended that they have a maximum of 7 types of data so you do not lose the interest of the person filling out the form. The idea is to collect the littlest amount and most relevant pieces of information that would could generate a lead to a possible sale. You will also want to remember that visitors will also be using mobile devices to fill out your form and you wouldn’t want to ask too many questions.

Types of Lead Generation Forms:

There are multiple types of lead generation forms your site can have. The typical lead generation form collects general information about the customer. Contact pages will usually ask for this type of information. Another type of lead generation form is newsletter sign up form.

Advantages of Lead Generation

There are many advantages of having a lead generation form on your website. When you put a form on your website you are creating an avenue where customers can contact you for your services. This in turn increases the possibility of securing more sales.

Generate Awareness

When you have a lead generation form on your website you are generating awareness for how to start with your business. Every website should have some sort of form. Many websites use a form on their contact page which helps visitors understand how to contact them. Contact pages can be are another form of lead. Forms on landing pages can also be a very good tool when promoting a product or service.

Collects Important Information about Prospects

The goal is to collect information from the visitor and turn them into a customer. Some typical examples of information you could collect are a customers first name, last name, email address, and phone number. For many businesses, this is enough information for a lead. You can also ask relevant questions that a customer need to answer when it comes to the product or service.

Increase in Sales and Profit Ratio

When you have a form on your website you are opening up a door for possible sale opportunities. You can increase sales and profit ratio by creating new avenue to generate revenue from. Being able to collect customers information through your website can become a great advantage to you because it will allow your to create leads for your sales.

Contributes to a Positive ROI

Many people use landing pages as a form of advertising. The idea behind a landing page is to focus and promote a single product, product line, or service on that page. Lead generation forms are usually featured and located in a prominent spot on the website. When people pay advertisers to promote their business, their website receives more traffic, and the higher possibility that they will get more leads. This increases sales and provides a positive ROI.


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