The Characteristics of a Good Business Logo

Your logo is what can make or break your business. Branding is what makes your business stand out from the competition. A professional logo can show that you mean business, gaining the trust of your potential clients. It’s the first impression that clients and customers get of your business. Your logo should tell them who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them. It’s a lot for one graphic – making it one of the crucial parts of your business development.

At Black Tiger Creative, we’re passionate about helping you create a business logo that makes an unforgettable first impression. We’re sharing an insight into the different aspects we consider when creating your business logo. These are the characteristics that can give your logo an edge over the competition.

The Importance of Color 

Color triggers an emotional response. It plays a significant role in establishing your brand’s identity. The colors of your logo should feed into your marketing material, helping your clients build a positive association with your brand. 

Purple can represent spirituality and sophistication, while green instantly triggers a connection with nature and the environment. If you offer a security service, blue can signify trust, strength, and order. When we’re helping you develop your logo, we’ll recommend a color scheme that reflects the philosophy of your business.


Your typography sets the tone for your business and marketing. It provides the voice for your logo, creating an emotional response from your audience. Professional and financial services will usually opt for bold and clear typography that is sleek and streamline. Creative businesses often choose to use script fonts that capture your attention and unlock your imagination.

Our talented team of designers will help you choose typography that is easy to read and represents the ethos of your brand.

Modern vs. Contemporary

Although they sound similar, modern and contemporary design is different. Contemporary design takes its influence from current trends, while modern design is usually within the last century. Any design period from Art Deco (1920s) is modern, with the mid-century modern movement being a popular source of inspiration.

Modern logo designs will usually incorporate clean and straight lines for a sleek finish with a neutral color palette with warm undertones. If you want a contemporary logo, the design is typically more sweeping in style with bold lines.

Logo Marks vs. Text Logo

One of the biggest design decisions you’ll make for your logo is whether you want a text logo or a logomark. A text logo focuses on the name or initials of your company, putting them at the heart of the design. The other option is a logo mark, which uses a symbol or image to represent your business. 

Popular text logos include Google, Facebook, and Visa. Logo marks that you’ll instantly recognize are Apple and Twitter. While these brands also have a text logo, their logo mark is most commonly used. Our designers will help you choose the style that best suits your business niche.

At Black Tiger Creative, our design services can bring your business to life with a one-of-a-kind company logo that encapsulates the essence of your brand. Do you want to level up your business with a new company logo? Contact us today at

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